ROY BASNETT plays JOHN (The Boss)

Sony-nominated Roy Basnett has been involved in media for almost 20 years. He is predominantly a broadcaster specialising in speech radio but has a background in theatre with over 20 productions to his credit. An expert in improvisational drama & comedy, Roy has been involved in numerous short productions with Northern Misfits such as the Cult Moviedrome series and True Life Stories.

Roy has also presented a number of television documentaries focusing on the paranormal and is a keen Rugby League fan having worked for the Widnes Vikings as match-day host for the past 18 years. Roy has been a collaborator on several projects with Mark and Steve since 2005, and their working and creative partnerships continue to flourish, with a new film slated to go into pre-production once “Clown Kill” has been released.


Reality TV star, Stylist, model, television presenter and fashion entrepreneur Jessica Cunningham plays Jenny, the films heroine who fights her way back to the top after a brutal attack, recovers her self esteem and ambition, before meeting her fate at the hands of Charlie Boy in an unsuspected plot twist.

This is Jessica’s first starring role in a feature film, but she is regularly seen in television commercials and in print ads. As well as modelling, Jessica also runs a highly successful internet based style and fashion company ‘Prodigal Fox’, selling the latest celebrity styled fashion wear, whilst also juggling a family life with three small children..

Jessica is currently appearing  on BBC One’s “The Apprentice” with Lord Sugar.


Steve, a qualified stuntman, has developed his career since breaking through in the late 1990’s to become an acclaimed actor and producer, though he still continues to honour his roots by regularly undertaking stunt and stunt/fight co-ordination in a number of film and television projects. A martial arts expert, specialising in sword and horsemanship, Steve’s fight and stunt co-ordination skills are constantly in demand, with stunt and acting work in feature films such as “Displaced”, “World of the Dead” and “Life’s A Bitch, Billy Dean”.

He was approached by Dave Courtney and associates of The Firm to co-ordinate the battle scenes in the largest period action film ever staged in Nigeria, but filming commitments in California on the film “Insidious” prevented his eventual involvement.

In 2003 Steve opened the Studio 17 facility in Manchester, in partnership with Mark Howard, but this closed in 2005 when the BBC committed to Media City and the site was redeveloped. Steve then joined Mark on a two year television collaboration with celebrity Kray-associate and writer Dave Courtney, co-producing two films.

Whilst still maintaining a steady flow of acting and stunt jobs, Steve and Mark joined forces for a large MoD contract, producing promotional films for the Army and becoming embedded with 2nd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. Out of this came two acclaimed documentaries, endorsed by the Regiment and their Commander in Chief, H.R.H. Prince Michael.

Whilst still maintaining a close working relationship with Mark Howard and Northern Misfits, Steve then went on to found GreenBond Productions, a Burnley-based small production house that has built a strong reputation for innovative promotional and advertising films, working in partnership with a number of local individuals, companies and agencies.

As well as co-producing “Clown Kill”, Steve has a supporting role in the film as Cyclops, the intimidating caretaker with a scarred face and a dark secret. He also had the opportunity to put his stunt training to the test when he executed the films only stunt – two falls (for maximum angles using three cameras) down a full flight of concrete steps. The preparation and training worked, as he’s still around to tell the tale.


The Security Guards

The main supporting characters, the three lovable-yet incompetent security guards, provide the light comic relief, an essential element to balance the dark horror contained within the film.

Tim Paley plays George, a jaded guard fast approaching retirement. Although a late entrant to the acting profession, Tim is an accomplished actor with experience on stage, in film and in television. His recent TV credits include Moving On (Series 5), Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Boy Meets Girl, Heartbeat and Phoenix Nights. Other film credits include, The Selfish Giant and Diary of a Bad Lad."

His nightshift co-worker, Colin, is played with perfect comic timing by former stand-up and comedy actor James Thompson (“Slaterwood”, Zombie Shithouse”, “Death Wish VI”) , whilst the day shift guard, Nigel, is played by stand-up comedian and comedy actor Jeff Downs (“My Messiah”, “Coronation Street Wars”).

The Office Staff

The building supervisor is portrayed with theatrical exuberance by  television historian, sound fx creator and Pendle Witch expert Simon Entwistle (Letterman, Wogan, Discovery Channel, ITV), and is ably supported by television and theatre actress Rachel Dargie as Gobby Karen. Rachel was born and still lives in Salford and  has been acting in one way or another since school. Rachel studied acting at Bolton University, graduated from Manchester School of Acting and keeps her hand in with classes at Act for TV to ensure she has the up to date skills in front of camera. Having several theatre credits and the opportunity to star on the Lyric Stage at The Lowry Theatre, Clown Kill is Rachel's second film having recently starred in a new feature film called The 9th which is due to be released in the states this year. As well as acting and starring in music videos Rachel also juggles a busy day job and a seven year old daughter. Newcomer Holly Chadwick makes her screen debut  as the quiet and unassuming secretary Sally.

Tim Paley

James Thompson

Jeff Downs

Rachel Dargie

Simon Entwistle

Holly Chadwick


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