Plot Synopsis

Jenny, an ambitious, feisty but very successful advertising executive, has her drink spiked at a fancy dress party, leading to a brutal attack in the pub toilets by a mysterious figure dressed as a clown. Slowly she rebuilds her life, and as she regains confidence in herself, she returns to work after a six month absence. Almost immediately, however, she becomes bogged down with work and when her bullying boss gives her a huge, last minute advertising account with a Saudi-backed circus company, the pressure begins to mount.

Forced to work alone throughout the night in the huge office block, it soon becomes apparent she is not alone. Stalking the empty corridors is a familiar, unwanted figure, and Jenny soon discovers she is locked in with Charlie Boy the psychotic clown, driven by a blood lust and an obsession with torment and murder, and her only line of defence are three of the world’s most incompetent and lazy security guards.

Blending suspense, horror and dead-pan humour, the film weaves a twisting tale that takes the viewer in a direction they never expected, without ever insulting their intelligence.

Clown Kill (UK 2014)

Genre - Killer Clown Thriller

Running time - 79mins

Certificate - TBC

Distributor - Wild Eye Releasing

The Film

The 79 minute feature film “Clown Kill” is a smart and stylish psychological thriller, independently produced by Northern Misfits and GreenBond Productions, two vibrant, north west-based creative teams with a proven track-record of producing high quality productions within realistic budgets. This film is the culmination of over ten years of collaborating on documentaries, comedy films, and a two year joint venture with the Ministry of Defence. Clown Kill received its world premiere when it headlined the opening night of the 2014 Horror-On-Sea festival under it’s original title “Lock In”.

Production Details

Clown Kill was shot over 25 filming days in Burnley, Lancashire, additional FX sequences were filmed on location in Bolton, Lancashire.

To achieve the various required looks of the film a number of cameras and recording mediums were employed. Film sequences were shot on Kodak Vision 2 colour stock and Tri-X film, using a Beaulieu 5008 professional Super 8 camera, a Sankyo XL620 for the timelapse, a Sankyo 40S prop camera and a bullet-proof vintage Krasnagorsk 16mm camera. Documentary office scenes were recorded on a Sony Z1 to achieve a realistic documentary feel, and the more cinematic scenes were filmed with a Canon 5D and a Canon C300 Cinema camera.


Copyright 2014 - Northern Misfits & GreenBond Productions - All Rights Reserved.

“Aims for unpleasantness and hits that note straight away”

- Horror Talk